The Dead Letter Library is a creative project designed to bring together a collection of letters and notes that have never been sent. Whether it be because it was written in a moment of haste, as an outlet to vent thoughts and frustrations or simply written and forgotten about. The project aims to collate and share them with an audience.


Browsing the emails sitting in my Drafts folder, I found a whole lot of emails that I had started, had finished but was ‘sitting on’, draft Tweets that I was going to post, journal entries addressed to other as a means to vent, emails to friends and family to highlight the most mundane of things… there were just so many.  Reading back, it brought up memories, some funny, hurtful, melancholic and touching.

This got me thinking, I surely couldn’t be the only person who had similar emails littering their email folders, journals, phones? I asked friends, acquaintances and colleagues what they thought and sure enough I wasn’t alone… and Dead Letter Library was born.

Dead Letter Library has been my little creative side project for almost the last 8 years and one that I envision to build an interactive gallery piece around.  It is one of those things that was always at the back of mind, would dedicate small spurts of energy towards until it eventually just became an afterthought as life just got interesting but yet those letters, notes and thoughts still litter my phone, my laptop and notebook.